Not Just a Pretty Postcard (Add a Tell ‘Em What to Do Tagline)

24 Jun

As the one and only in-house designer I’m pretty much in charge of the aesthetic side of things. But as is the case in many small operations, oftentimes I pitch in with copy input, promo ideas, any number of things to help the customer experience along.  In the not-so-distant past, direct mail was a pretty prominent means of customer communication. In the case of software reselling, there are different steps with different offerings (or opportunities depending on your viewpoint). For this I came up with a tagline/call-to-action, which is still in use today to drive the point home.

Get It You guessed it, it’s the buy phase. Buy the software. Let’s talk upgrades, new features, the reasons you should Get It.

Know It This area is a definite differentiator in the realm of resellers – not all can take the customer to the Know It step. This encompasses training and technical support. Proficiency begets efficiency.

Use It Got It, Knows It, Uses It deftly. We’re on a first-name basis and the client keeps us on our toes with questions and queries. What can we offer now? Consulting, customization, and 3rd-party software developed by us, inspired by the customers’ day-to-day workflow challenges.

*As always, click on the mosaic for a slideshow of larger images.

Additional Info:
In-House Project Client(s): Owner/CEO, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Training Manager
Responsibilities Included: brainstorming, copy-writing and editing, layout and design, print vendor coordination, mail house coordination

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