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Fresh Company Name Seeks Spicy New Logo: Oregon Coast Wasabi

31 Jan

Recently my friend Steven contacted me when his client Oregon Coast Wasabi opted to change their name. They were in need of a wordmark solution to update their site and to use across social media in the form of icons and banners. Once those was delivered, I was tapped to design an accompanying set of gift certificates just in time for the holiday season. Curious to see how it all might work together, I whipped up a business card design just for fun.

Did you know water-grown wasabi was farmed right on the Oregon Coast? Neither did I! Be sure to try it out at a spot near you!

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Twice As Nice: Two Vintage-Inspired Beer Can Designs

24 Jan

When Lompoc Brewing decided it was time to venture into can packaging for their beers, owner Jerry Fechter came to our meeting with clippings with several vintage beer cans. The commonalities were limited color palettes, easy-to-read type, and “premium” copy. With that as inspiration we came up with the Proletariat Red design keeping in mind its sales success could mean additional beers in the future can line-up. Lo and behold last fall we were able to put Lomporter Classic Porter out into the market while easily keeping true to our initial can design and brand and aesthetic priorities.

As with any sales initiative, product design needs to be followed with product promotion. Both beers were introduced with kickoff events requiring promotional posters, social media graphics, and merchandise including garments and pins. Additionally, Jerry asked me to come up with a newspaper ad announcing two great beers now available in cans. I presented five rough copy ideas for consideration. Rather than choosing just one, he opted to use all the ideas in consecutive weeks culminating with an ad size version of the Lomporter Friday the 13th event poster. The events were well-attended, the beers are on numerous retail shelves, and we’re set for new additions to the Lompoc beer can line-up.

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Check Please! Three Beers and Two Breweries Comes to a Total of One Poster… Wanna Go Dutch?

22 Jan

Lompoc and Oproer Brewing Oregon Brewers Fest Collaboration Beer Event Poster Design

In 2016 the Oregon Brewers Fest international tent featured offerings from a number of Dutch and Japanese breweries. Their brewers were present to pour samples, answer questions, and enjoy one of the best weeks Portland has to offer. Additionally, the brewers joined local breweries for collaboration brewing days. One such pairing included Oproer Brouwerij teaming up with Lompoc Brewing for not one, but three delicious beers.

Fast-forward to 2017… OBF had eliminated the international tent, but that didn’t stop a few of the brewers from returning. There were beers to be had, beers to be brewed, and beer events to attend; one of which was the unveiling of the 2016 Oproer / Lompoc collaboration brews.

I was brought in to design the promotional poster and given the usual time and date, beer list, location, and the sometimes challenging ‘have fun with it’ directive. I was a bit stumped to begin with, but realized the term “Let’s Go Dutch” actually made sense here – they did share the brewing and collaboration efforts after all. After a bit of discussion with Lompoc head brewer Bryan Keilty, we decided to fully Go Dutch and use every cliché out there – from windmills to wooden shoes. Having not yet met the Oproer team I had to ask if they had a sense of humor (will tulips be met with an eye roll?!) and was assured they did. Apparently they have an appreciation for poster design too – when I went to grab a poster following the well-attended event I was told they had gone through the pub and collected all of them to take back to their pub in Utrecht. I’ll take that as a pretty big compliment – Proost!

When Chops Meet Hops: “Flights Of Fury.” Classic Kung Fu Cinema Complements Six Equally Punchy IPAs.

14 Jun

Design by Jen Lompoc Brewing Flights of Fury Poster Design
File under: Things you don’t know you do until someone asks…

Lompoc Brewing: Will you make a Kung Fu movie / beer poster?

Design by Jen: Um, okay!

Event details were provided and research commenced – not only on the specific movie, but also on the Kung Fu genre and its posters. I hit upon the idea to bill it as a double feature with the IPA taster portion titled “Flights of Fury.” We’ve been using red and yellow in recent projects, (Lömpocker Kölsch and Proletariat Red cans), so it was a natural palette choice to add interest and depth. I’m happy to say the place was packed for the double feature! Cheers!

Six of One, Two Dozen of Another: Lompoc Brewing 6-packs and Cases

12 Sep

My work for Lompoc Brewing has spanned events, a collaboration, a label, and a bout with a surly marine mammal. Through it all we work really well together while managing to have a lot of fun resulting in solutions we are all proud of. However, I never cease to be surprised and flattered when a client brings me in on a high-level project. In this case, Lompoc’s move to package their flagship IPAs in 6-packs – a first for any of their beers.

Pamplemousse and C-Note IPA have been available in 22-ounce bottles featuring labels designed by WAAMCo for a few years now (large bottles in the images). My task – translate those labels into 6-pack carriers and cases. After a few meetings and research visits to supermarket beer aisles, it was decided early on to lighten up the overall feel for those two pieces. We pulled out the lightest and brightest colors of the original designs for the main floods while resizing and placing elements – including the awesome hop and monetary patterns – for all of the new formats. On the other hand, I needed to keep in mind that the labels for the new 12-ounce bottles were being resized from the originals by the label company with no changes to the color or content. To this end I kept the original circular badges intact on the end panels to maintain continuity from the carrier to its contents.

This was a new process for all of us and we are extremely happy with the results. My knowledge of dielines, drawdowns, and lead times has expanded with such a massive undertaking – I loved the opportunity to stretch and grow. And the best news of all – there’s more to come! Stay tuned!

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Beer and Chocolate? Yes, Please!

12 Jun

Design by Jen Lompoc Beer + Chocolate Event Poster Design

On its own, a beer and chocolate pairing party sounds quite attractive, but getting the opportunity to design the event poster? That takes the errrr, cake! Okay, so there wasn’t any cake involved, but I was provided with pairing specifics, event details and logos with the usual ‘make it look good and have fun with it’ directive.

I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to illustrate hunks of chocolate in an appealing way, but once I came upon the pattern and tiling idea to replicate chocolate squares, it all came together. I then used elements of the poster for a quarter page flier handed out at beer tastings held at The Meadow previous to the pairing event. I must say, I had a blast working on this, Lompoc was really happy with the results, and the event was so well-attended they had to get more chocolate part way through!

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Design by Jen Lompoc Beer + Chocolate Event Flier Design

Evolution of the Saison (Label)

11 Jun

Design by Jen Lompoc Brewing Saison Beer Launch Poster Design

Design by Jen Lompoc Brewing Saison Beer Label Design

Another quick project post – this time for a beer label (!!). Lompoc Brewing came to me in need of a label design for their new seasonal, Saison de L’Evolution, French for “Evolution of the Season.” They knew they wanted the design to center around John Foyston’s painting of a tractor – it’s a Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale after all – which contributed to the choice of burlap as the overall label background. Historically, Lompoc’s labels have included a lot of texture – I wanted to honor that and stay consistent in the use of the centered circular format so that the new label could coexist nicely with its predecessors.

Shown are a couple of quick shots of the bottle in-situ and a graphic of the launch event poster illustrating the expansion on the label design for additional marketing usage.

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A Collaboration For Your Health! Cheers!

31 Jul

Last year my friend Bryan, head brewer at Lompoc Brewing, began his campaign to coerce me into a beer collaboration. Lompoc was in the thick of things with their Classic Rock IPA series that was to feature 11 (get it?) collaborations across the Pacific Northwest beer world. If I agreed, I would join the ranks of Fred Bowman, John Foyston and Jerry Fechter, Jack Harris, Brian Scheehser, and Hilda Stevens to name a few. And so you ask – as did I – how does Jen follow all those headlining acts? And why? What did I have to offer in the way of collaboration? Marquee status? Connections? Nope and nope. The other thing I got hung up on, predictably, was the name. If there was no concept-related tie-in to beer what was the point? Fred had conceived a white IPA titled the White Album. I watched as bands and hops were referenced: Cream, Foreigner, the Rolling Stones, Saaz, Nugs (& Rock ‘n’ Roll). I still dispute Poison as classic, but I get where she was going and she wins props for creating the only one still in production.

Months later at a Lompoc event, Bryan was still trying to convince me. Bands, songs, and oh yeah, how it might taste were discussed. Also, he had procured some hard-to-get hops from another brewery to appease my aversion to bitterness and my inclination toward citrus aroma. No pressure. Jack Harris only tried to steal them that one time. I had to admit I was pleased no one had referenced Led Zeppelin yet. They’re my favorite of the classics and no one used them. Actually, the missed opportunity was a little distressing. Though not distressing enough to outweigh the ‘opportunity’ to clean 900 pounds of spent grain out of a mashtun, Advil for days being my reward. I’d had my turns at Portland U-Brew and I knew brewing really wasn’t my, err, pint of pale.

Without committing I returned to my car and turned on the radio. Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On – one of my top Zep songs – was playing and I really listened to the lyrics. If it weren’t dark, I’m pretty sure the sun would have burst through the November clouds as Robert Plant sang, “And to our health we drank a thousand times, it’s time to Ramble On.” Light bulb. Sunburst. Angels singing. It suddenly added up to collaborate on this beer. I knew what I had to offer. I knew I could help market this thing. I’m a serial cheerser. It was one of my favorite songs by one of the greatest classic rock bands. It was the last beer in the series. It was truly time to Ramble On. I messaged Bryan. I was in.

And that’s how I ended up taking a day off in December to help brew 15 barrels of beer. No miracles in the way of suddenly wanting to become a brewer, but a fun day working with a good friend. The really fun part was designing the ‘show’ poster and supplementing it with social media to get people to the launch. The bonus? Coming away with a reminder of what I have to offer in the way of collaboration. But the really, really fun part? The IPA, of course! Cheers!

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For the Love of Layout

26 May

Layout is definitely one of my strong points when it comes to design. I even had the good fortune to teach courses in Layout and Design at two local community colleges. Give me space and elements and I’ll provide a solution that conveys information and subtly guides the viewer’s eye through the details while never losing site of your brand and its guidelines.

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Additional Info:
In-House Project Client(s) – Slides 7-15: Owner/CEO, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Services Director, Training Manager
Also Worked With: Copywriter, Corporate Photographer, Marketing Coordinator, Application Specialists
Responsibilities Included: brainstorming, copy-writing and editing, layout and design, brand alignment, corporate photographer sourcing and coordination, stock photo sourcing and purchasing, print vendor coordination and collaboration, mail house coordination

Oooh! Shiny! (Focus! My, What Pretty Product You Proffer!)

12 Jul


An entrepreneur delves into the marketplace presenting beautiful, proudly hand-crafted jewelry and keepsakes bearing a moniker influenced by delicate, sophisticated, gold treasures. The descriptive and visual leave-behind with accompanying logo convey the distinctive flavor these pieces lend to an occasion and its memories.

Silla product photography by the always fantastic Renko Studio

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