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For the Love of Layout

26 May

Layout is definitely one of my strong points when it comes to design. I even had the good fortune to teach courses in Layout and Design at two local community colleges. Give me space and elements and I’ll provide a solution that conveys information and subtly guides the viewer’s eye through the details while never losing site of your brand and its guidelines.

*As always, click on the mosaic for a slideshow of larger images.

Additional Info:
In-House Project Client(s) – Slides 7-15: Owner/CEO, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Services Director, Training Manager
Also Worked With: Copywriter, Corporate Photographer, Marketing Coordinator, Application Specialists
Responsibilities Included: brainstorming, copy-writing and editing, layout and design, brand alignment, corporate photographer sourcing and coordination, stock photo sourcing and purchasing, print vendor coordination and collaboration, mail house coordination

Oooh! Shiny! (Focus! My, What Pretty Product You Proffer!)

12 Jul


An entrepreneur delves into the marketplace presenting beautiful, proudly hand-crafted jewelry and keepsakes bearing a moniker influenced by delicate, sophisticated, gold treasures. The descriptive and visual leave-behind with accompanying logo convey the distinctive flavor these pieces lend to an occasion and its memories.

Silla product photography by the always fantastic Renko Studio

*As always, click on the mosaic for a slideshow of larger images.