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St. Patrick’s Greetings!

17 Mar


I ordered this guy as part of a bigger concept for a St Patrick’s day greeting card for friends and family (because remember, I like to send things in the mail). Alas, he did not arrive on time to stage the photo shoot, create the cards and get them in the mail. The photo is going to have to suffice for this year! Sláinte!

Photo setup absolutely inspired by this lovely Portland photographer.

F That

19 Apr


F-words have been a theme of late.

Failure :: This photo shoot.

Fake :: That smile.

Funk :: Teetering on the edge of one.

Foto School :: Failing it. Not Feeling it. Haven’t carried my camera in more than a week.

Forgiving :: Giving myself a break for skipping out on class. If it’s not Fun, best to not encourage the looming Funk cloud.

Forfeit :: Work hard, pay the bills, play by the rules = F you. **edit** = Forbidden. **edit** = Forever. Even if something Fantastic presents itself in the Future (dream job in another city, meeting someone and moving into a house). **sorry, kids had to cover my backside on this one, removed some stuff**

Freeing :: One positive side effect I can imagine from the above scenario.

Frank :: (Adjective) open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, esp. when dealing with unpalatable matters (it has occurred to me to apologize for this post and its less than upbeat demeanor)

Focus (for now) :: In Four weeks, I’ll be out of the country, putting all of this out of my mind with a definitive “F That.”

P :: Procrastination

17 Feb

I took yesterday off from Souvenir Foto School. I’ve got an idea for Q though so tune in tomorrow!

Cheers, Jen

Fightin’ February with Foto School

1 Feb


Historically, February has been a challenging month for me. Ask anyone who knows me. In the past I’ve just hoped to get by, to push through as quickly as possible, hoping to arrive unscathed on the other side. But really, is that any way to think? Life is short, right? Do I really have the luxury of just calling in 28 (or 29) days?

Somewhere during this thought process my favorite Elton John song shuffled-up and its opening lines drove the point home.

“Don’t wish it away
Don’t look at it like it’s forever”

Okay, so I’ve got Elton on board, but how to get me on board? I was still thinking I needed something to focus on, some sort of purpose, a guide (baby steps, people). Something like the August Break (who am I kidding – August is the best month ever). Then, last week I was catching up on my blog reading and came across this Creature Comforts post about Souvenir Foto School, hosted by Besotted Brand. Bingo! A daily photo class starting on February 1st, lasting for 3o days. I squeaked into the class with seconds to spare. It was meant to be! I’m very excited to be in the company of several talented and cool people hailing from around the world for this venture.

So, here I go – a letter of the alphabet a day – in any order with room for 4 days off or opportunities to redo a couple of shots. The class submission daily deadline is 12am PST, so I’ll probably post the day after on here. I hope you come along for the ride – wish me luck!

P.S. A teacher once told me she “didn’t care much for my handwriting.” Well, guess, what? It’s uniquely mine and it’s at my disposal, so that’s what adorns the (blurry, but I like it anyway) image today. I don’t loop my “Ls” and I take the pen off the paper countless times. I must have been feeling extra confident because I even used unlined paper. Probably it’s all slanty. Slanty like some weeks, some Februarys, and some unavoidable parts of life that occur on days I can’t afford to take for granted.


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