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Denver Area :: iPhone Photos

22 May

Washington Park Denver Design by Jen

Washington Park Denver Design by Jen

Presenting my iPhone photos to belatedly wrap up my fun Denver adventure from last month (and oh, a bit on my iPhone pic approach).

I know it’s been a bit slow here – no excuses, just life – another trip, some ups, some downs, and hopefully some major shifts in the works. I can’t talk about most of that now, but part of that should result in some changes and updates to this site. Stay tuned and wish me luck!

Buffalo Bill Cody Colorado Design by Jen


Buffalo Bill Cody Colorado Design by Jen

Golden, Colorado Design by Jen

Idaho Springs, Colorado Design by Jen

TriggersIdaho Springs, Colorado Design by Jen

Breckenridge Bound Design by Jen

Breckenridge Gondola Design by Jen

Breckenridge Spring Fest Design by Jen

Breckenridge, CO Design by Jen

Breckenridge Cigar Totem Design by Jen

Breckenridge, CO Design by Jen

Boulder, CO fromwhereistand Design by Jen

*Funnily, I took this pic in Boulder, not Denver*

Stranahans Denver, CO Design by Jen

Philly Bound

1 May

From Where I Stand - with Christian Carollo

If all goes according to plan, by the time this posts I’ll be in Denver (5th time since January!) making my connection to my final destination, Philadelphia. Other than the standard junior high trip to Washington DC, one night in Miami, and a 6 hour stint in the Newark airport last year, I’ve spent no time on the East Coast. I pretty much just do a fly over.

But thanks to the wonder that is the internet (I mean that wholeheartedly) and an abundance of airline points, my incentive to visit has shifted. The summer of 2011, I met Holly, now of Mortal Muses and From Where I Stand fame, through an online course. Photography, travel, cheers (as in adult beverages) and her empathy over losing my Grandmothers that summer were just a couple of our bonding points. Have I mentioned she lives in Philadelphia?

In a testament to social media, starting with Flickr, then Twitter, then progressing to Facebook, I became friends with Christian, a friend of Holly’s (also from Philadelphia, are you following here?). Christian’s got the travel, ahem, issue too (and photography and sports) which he chronicles over on Say Hello to America. In fact one of those adventures led him to Oregon last fall and that’s us in the pic above, documenting a chapter in the progression of a couple of online connections into to full-fledged friendships.

The next chapter begins tomorrow – I cannot wait! Five nights in Philly to take in history, sports, art – to eat, drink, watch, photograph, pause, and enjoy.

New Orleans :: iPhone Photos

26 Feb

Kolbs New Orleans

It’s an iPhone only post to wrap up my New Orleans photos. I usually allow myself a little more fun with filters on the phone pics. I also didn’t feel much like pulling the big camera out during the torrential downpour we experienced the first night. For the full experience, be sure to see the cemetery, evil eye and French Quarter posts too.

Mussels Lüke New Orleans

Storm Downpour New Orleans

Storm Wind New Orleans

Fleur di Lis Slickers - New Orleans

Irish Bar Lights - New Orleans

Palace Cafe - New Orleans

Bourbon Street - From Where I Stand - New Orleans

St Louis 1 Cross - New Orleans

St Louis 1 Tomb - New Orleans

St Louis 1 - From Where I Stand - New Orleans

St Louis 1 Tomb 2 - New Orleans

Bourbon Street Neon - New Orleans

French Quarter Chief - New Orleans

French Quarter - New Orleans

French Quarter Cathedral - New Orleans

Neon Fleur di Lis - French Quarter - New Orleans

Marching Band - New Orleans

Napoleon House - From Where I Stand - New Orleans

Neon Hotel - New Orleans

Sunset Over Rockies

New Orleans :: Saint Louis Cemetery One

28 Jan

Statue, St Louis 1, New Orleans

I had the good fortune to travel to New Orleans recently for a work conference. Having never visited previously I flew in a little early and did my best to see some of its sights. Of course there just wasn’t enough time. And of course that means I will have to return. They were also having their “one week of winter,” so photos and light proved a bit challenging with the rain, wind and fog. But in the case of the cemetery, the fog definitely lent to the atmosphere. We chose to visit Saint Louis Cemetery Number One due to its proximity, history and supposed safeness. (According to Frommer’s, unguided cemetery visits are not recommended – for the record, we felt perfectly safe.)

I recommend a visit to New Orleans and thoroughly enjoyed its food, drinks, history, people, sights, talents, quirks, originality and spirit. I look forward to plotting my return!

St Louis 1, New Orleans

St Louis 1, New Orleans

St Louis 1, New Orleans

St Louis 1, New Orleans

Detail, St Louis 1, New Orleans

Cross, St Louis 1, New Orleans

Daughters of the American Revolution, St Louis 1, New Orleans

From Where I Stand, St Louis 1, New Orleans

Marie Leveau Tomb, St Louis 1, New Orleans

St Louis 1, New Orleans

St Louis 1, New Orleans

Rose, St Louis 1, New Orleans

St Louis 1, New Orleans

Statues, St Louis 1, New Orleans

Cross, St Louis 1, New Orleans

St Jude Shrine, St Louis 1, New Orleans

Weekend Wanderings :: Home

23 Jan

Frozen Ferns

Home – for me, it has a couple of meanings and locations. Obviously there is my own current home but also, there is the home I grew up in, the property we ran rampant over in our ragamuffin years. With my parents preparing to retire and sell in the next couple of years, that will all change. And I’m okay with that. But for now, it’s definitely still “home.” Over the weekend I visited my family there and awoke to a frozen wonderland complete with neighboring livestock. So I did something I’d never done in my childhood there – I took a photo walk (and nearly froze my fingers off!).

Frozen Trees

Frozen Maple

Frozen Trees

Frozen Trees

From Where I Stand

Sandy Calf

Frozen Barbed Wire

Frozen Trees

Childhood Driveway

Randoms from… Autumn :: Part Two

27 Dec

Olympic Provisions Bloody Mary

Autumn 2012 randoms posted before the end of 2012!

Olympic Provisions Brunch

Portland Sunset

Rainy Rainbow

Elk Cove Winery

Kramer Vineyards

One Horse Taver, Gaston, Oregon

City Lights at my Fingertips

From Where I Stand - Lark Press

Randoms from… Autumn :: Part One

21 Dec

Steel Bridge, Portland

Considering that it is now Winter (also Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!) I thought I’d better get on it and post my Autumn randoms (part one anyway). Let’s see if I can manage to post part two before Spring!

From Where I Stand - wet, rainy, Portland day

Pile o' Pumpkins

Prosciutto Pear Arugula Wraps

St John's Bridge, Portland

Hot Chocolate

From Where I Stand - with Christian Carollo

Stuffed Peppers

Picture in Picture

Gothic in Portland