Twice As Nice: Two Vintage-Inspired Beer Can Designs

24 Jan

When Lompoc Brewing decided it was time to venture into can packaging for their beers, owner Jerry Fechter came to our meeting with clippings with several vintage beer cans. The commonalities were limited color palettes, easy-to-read type, and “premium” copy. With that as inspiration we came up with the Proletariat Red design keeping in mind its sales success could mean additional beers in the future can line-up. Lo and behold last fall we were able to put Lomporter Classic Porter out into the market while easily keeping true to our initial can design and brand and aesthetic priorities.

As with any sales initiative, product design needs to be followed with product promotion. Both beers were introduced with kickoff events requiring promotional posters, social media graphics, and merchandise including garments and pins. Additionally, Jerry asked me to come up with a newspaper ad announcing two great beers now available in cans. I presented five rough copy ideas for consideration. Rather than choosing just one, he opted to use all the ideas in consecutive weeks culminating with an ad size version of the Lomporter Friday the 13th event poster. The events were well-attended, the beers are on numerous retail shelves, and we’re set for new additions to the Lompoc beer can line-up.

*As always, click on the mosaic for a slideshow of larger images.

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