Check Please! Three Beers and Two Breweries Comes to a Total of One Poster… Wanna Go Dutch?

22 Jan

Lompoc and Oproer Brewing Oregon Brewers Fest Collaboration Beer Event Poster Design

In 2016 the Oregon Brewers Fest international tent featured offerings from a number of Dutch and Japanese breweries. Their brewers were present to pour samples, answer questions, and enjoy one of the best weeks Portland has to offer. Additionally, the brewers joined local breweries for collaboration brewing days. One such pairing included Oproer Brouwerij teaming up with Lompoc Brewing for not one, but three delicious beers.

Fast-forward to 2017… OBF had eliminated the international tent, but that didn’t stop a few of the brewers from returning. There were beers to be had, beers to be brewed, and beer events to attend; one of which was the unveiling of the 2016 Oproer / Lompoc collaboration brews.

I was brought in to design the promotional poster and given the usual time and date, beer list, location, and the sometimes challenging ‘have fun with it’ directive. I was a bit stumped to begin with, but realized the term “Let’s Go Dutch” actually made sense here – they did share the brewing and collaboration efforts after all. After a bit of discussion with Lompoc head brewer Bryan Keilty, we decided to fully Go Dutch and use every cliché out there – from windmills to wooden shoes. Having not yet met the Oproer team I had to ask if they had a sense of humor (will tulips be met with an eye roll?!) and was assured they did. Apparently they have an appreciation for poster design too – when I went to grab a poster following the well-attended event I was told they had gone through the pub and collected all of them to take back to their pub in Utrecht. I’ll take that as a pretty big compliment – Proost!

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