For the Love of Layout

26 May

Layout is definitely one of my strong points when it comes to design. I even had the good fortune to teach courses in Layout and Design at two local community colleges. Give me space and elements and I’ll provide a solution that conveys information and subtly guides the viewer’s eye through the details while never losing site of your brand and its guidelines.

*As always, click on the mosaic for a slideshow of larger images.

Additional Info:
In-House Project Client(s) – Slides 7-15: Owner/CEO, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Services Director, Training Manager
Also Worked With: Copywriter, Corporate Photographer, Marketing Coordinator, Application Specialists
Responsibilities Included: brainstorming, copy-writing and editing, layout and design, brand alignment, corporate photographer sourcing and coordination, stock photo sourcing and purchasing, print vendor coordination and collaboration, mail house coordination

2 Responses to “For the Love of Layout”

  1. Eva Orlik at 11:42 am #

    Wow, very cool!!!

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