August Break :: 8.28.13 (a)

28 Aug

Design by Jen Farmers Market

Today. Today, the HTML climbed through the monitor and attempted to scratch out my eyeballs. Really.

And so. I declared, “I’m going for a walk!” And I did. And I was reminded. Of why. I do these monthly challenges. And I was grateful. For the push. For the excuse. And for this city. Its sounds. Piano players commanded to “Please play me.” Blocks cordoned off for lunchtime concerts. Its bustle. An art museum. A farmer’s market.  Its lavender smells wafting and reminding me of weekend adventures. Its colors. Its contrasts. The pausing. The tilting of the head. The peering around the corner. The what-if-I-looked-from-a-different-angle. The re-energizing of an afternoon.

*(a) because I’m posting more from today, tomorrow (b).

I’m participating in the August Break, but with my own take on the theme. I’d love it if you followed along! View the growing set all at once, if you wish.

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