Philly Bound

1 May

From Where I Stand - with Christian Carollo

If all goes according to plan, by the time this posts I’ll be in Denver (5th time since January!) making my connection to my final destination, Philadelphia. Other than the standard junior high trip to Washington DC, one night in Miami, and a 6 hour stint in the Newark airport last year, I’ve spent no time on the East Coast. I pretty much just do a fly over.

But thanks to the wonder that is the internet (I mean that wholeheartedly) and an abundance of airline points, my incentive to visit has shifted. The summer of 2011, I met Holly, now of Mortal Muses and From Where I Stand fame, through an online course. Photography, travel, cheers (as in adult beverages) and her empathy over losing my Grandmothers that summer were just a couple of our bonding points. Have I mentioned she lives in Philadelphia?

In a testament to social media, starting with Flickr, then Twitter, then progressing to Facebook, I became friends with Christian, a friend of Holly’s (also from Philadelphia, are you following here?). Christian’s got the travel, ahem, issue too (and photography and sports) which he chronicles over on Say Hello to America. In fact one of those adventures led him to Oregon last fall and that’s us in the pic above, documenting a chapter in the progression of a couple of online connections into to full-fledged friendships.

The next chapter begins tomorrow – I cannot wait! Five nights in Philly to take in history, sports, art – to eat, drink, watch, photograph, pause, and enjoy.

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