A Word :: Feb. Photo 23

24 Feb

A Word :: February Photo a Day

There are a few ways to consider this photo. First would be that a.) I cheated. I took this photo on the 22nd a few hours shy of the 23rd, before I even realized the prompt for the 23rd. Or, b.) we could think that was. Meant. To. Be. and let the timing slide.  Then there is c.) um, duh the prompt is singular and this contains the plural of ‘word.’ But also, there is d.) what the hell , no one ever, can hear enough “hello, beautiful” in their life. Never. Ever. So, yes, damn it, this is the photo for the day. Grazie mille!

As I mentioned – I’m attempting a photo a day for February, following along with the prompts over on Fat Mum Slim. I’ll also be keeping them all nice and tidy in a Flickr set.

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