February Photo A Day

1 Feb


So. Me. And Februarys. (really spell-check, is it Februaries? The month and I – we get on so poorly it looks odd to me spelled out, pluralized, just awkward. Oh. Wait. Now awkward looks awkward…) February and I are not friends. If you’ve been here long enough or if you really, truly know me, then you know. Last year I participated in the Souvenir Foto School A-Z (above photo: L is for Lovely). Although it had its challenges and at times I wanted to skip out, it was exactly what I needed.

So. New Year. New February. How to get through? I could just give it a go, I could just risk treating it like any other month, but if distraction worked last year, why chance it? I’ve found my new diversion over on Fat Mum Slim (through a Souvenir Foto School classmate, actually) – where they host a Photo A Day each month. I’m pretty sure February is my month to give it a go.

I hope you’ll follow along? I challenge you to join in. I’m hoping to post photos here the day after the prompts. We’ll see how it goes – wish me luck!

Fat Mum Slim Februaru 2013

(above image liberated from Fat Mum Slim)

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