Weekend Wanderings :: Home

23 Jan

Frozen Ferns

Home – for me, it has a couple of meanings and locations. Obviously there is my own current home but also, there is the home I grew up in, the property we ran rampant over in our ragamuffin years. With my parents preparing to retire and sell in the next couple of years, that will all change. And I’m okay with that. But for now, it’s definitely still “home.” Over the weekend I visited my family there and awoke to a frozen wonderland complete with neighboring livestock. So I did something I’d never done in my childhood there – I took a photo walk (and nearly froze my fingers off!).

Frozen Trees

Frozen Maple

Frozen Trees

Frozen Trees

From Where I Stand

Sandy Calf

Frozen Barbed Wire

Frozen Trees

Childhood Driveway

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