Weekend Wanderings: Brewing Beer

31 Jan


On Saturday I had the good fortune to tag along to Portland U-Brew with my friend and Bazi Bierbrasserie owner, Hilda Stevens. We were on a mission with some lovely ladies from Women for Girls to create a fundraising brew. My role? Document the day. And what a fun day it was.

above: Saison testing, offerings in the pub.


Once the recipe’s finalized, a few ingredients are weighed and run through Rex, the grinder.


Then it’s downstairs to learn the whole process (though I missed a lot with all the distractions – oooh, shiny!)


How could I not take a photo something so… brightly colored? And those ingredients? Starting to look a lot like beer!



After a few hours of mixing, stirring, watering, and boiling the brew goes into the Fermatarium for a couple of weeks where something called krauzen forms on top (I think that’s the only detail I retained from the day).


And finally, we’re triumphant in our accomplishment!

I’ll spill details on the fundraising event and link to the Women for Girls coverage from the day as soon as I can.

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