An Appetizing Venture – Apricots, Goat Cheese and Almonds

24 Jan

red_kitchenaidOooh, look, shiny! Jen + camera = A.D.D. in the kitchen.

While I share a lot of food-related imagery on here, I’m not much of a cook. Or rather, cooking does not come naturally to me. I lack the instinct for it. Coordinating the colors in my kitchen? No problem. Coordinating flavors? I’ll be needing some guidance in the form of a detailed recipe, thanks.

Which brings us to Supper Club, a monthly gathering with friends. Each month we take turns hosting. The host takes command of the main course while the others bring supporting dishes. It’s an excellent way to attempt a new dish in a safe, no pressure environment. Eight or so years of this and I can say I’ve learned a ton and have some go-to recipes in my repertoire (I hosted last month and made a well-received Lebanese Meatloaf). It’s also a great time to catch up on what’s going on in everyone’s life as the years bring change in the form of careers, relationships, kids, etc. When schedules get tight we know we’ll see each other next month.

Last night marked January’s gathering with the responsibility for appetizers falling to me. Never fear! I’ve had Shutterbean’s post for Apricots with Goat Cheese and Almonds bookmarked for just this kind of occasion. Just one little problem… one Club member doesn’t like cheese (I know, right?!). Fortunately I received the blessing to proceed with cream cheese for her portion of the snacks. Next hiccup? No fresh basil at the store. Hit a second store on a busy Sunday? I’d rather not… (Eff no, actually). What to do? Instinct challenged, remember? Oooh, look, wait. Marcona almonds with rosemary? I know for a fact that goat cheese and rosemary play nicely together. I went for it and they rocked! Score! The culinary confidence meter climbs another notch.

Goat Cheese Apricots HoneyAdvice for kitchen nerves: turn on some music, pour yourself a drink, wear an apron
(dress the part, show that kitchen who’s boss!).

Goat Cheese Apricots Honey

Goat Cheese Apricots Honey

Goat Cheese Apricots HoneyMy little sampler plate – had to make sure they were up to par!

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