Randoms from the Week + Slice of Life (What Are You Grateful For?)

22 Nov


Slice of Life – November Theme:
What Are You Grateful For?

Grateful that I can always go home (that’s my childhood swing above). Grateful for epic afternoon sunbursts. Grateful for my fun neighborhood. Grateful for amazing music (not pictured, but it’s playing as a compile this post). Grateful for whiskey and hot apple cider-ey drinks. Grateful for outings with friends. Grateful for friends to haul me home after a car accident. Grateful I was able to walk away from said accident. Grateful for everyone who’s stepped up to help me out in its wake.

I’ll be doing my best to participate in a new (to me) group called Slice of Life Tuesday. Take a minute to peruse the Flickr group.









2 Responses to “Randoms from the Week + Slice of Life (What Are You Grateful For?)”

  1. Michel Jackson at 6:28 pm #

    Hey Jen, such great photos love the rainy shot, perfectly captured our week last week! Hope you’re well after the accident… See you in the Flickr group!

    • DesignbyJen at 10:42 pm #

      Thanks Michel – I am doing well. See you on Flickr!

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