Friday Fun: The Blog that Bonds

24 Jun

Sozopol Souvenir

This little lady is less than the length of my thumb. I was in a small shop in Sozopol, Bulgaria on the Black Sea and she caught my eye, it was almost as if she spoke to me. I was told she wasn’t for sale, she had been painted by the owner’s sister. This was the cutest little shop, handmade clothes, jewelery, art, just charming. The clothes rack was fashioned from a long piece of driftwood and hung from the ceiling. Linen-bound Penguin Classics books acted as props, lamp cords were wrapped in crocheted sleeves.

While my travel mate shopped, I asked the owner if she was familiar with the popular design blog Design*Sponge because her shop reminded me of it. She was a devoted reader! On this trip where we’d struggled with the language barrier (we’d really only made 2 friends in 10 days) it was a great bonding point and we proceeded to talk about our favorite blogs. It was easy to convey where I hailed from due to the many talented Portland people whose work and homes have been featured on the site. Before we left the store with our purchases, I pointed one last time to the rock and said to tell her sister she should sell these. She walked over, handed it to me and said “for you, because of Design*Sponge.” Gulp! Obviously, this little stone holds a very special place in my heart.

P.S. She was so sweet and humble she wouldn’t let me photograph her shop to share with D*S.

P.P.S. The rocks that surround her are from the Aegean Sea (same trip).

One Response to “Friday Fun: The Blog that Bonds”

  1. designsponge fan #1 at 3:24 pm #

    Every where I’ve gone in the world…Asia, Australia, Europe, US, and at all levels of designers (the BIG names and the person on the street), they all read design*sponge! It’s really amazing!!

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