Friday Fun: A Trifecta

17 Jun

This week I’m actually out of town – which is terrific, but unfortunately falls during the time I’m supposed to be documenting objects which are dear to me. I felt a lot of pressure to click off a lot of photos in the days before I left. This is one of those things I feel that I already know about myself – I’m sentimental when it comes to things from a family member or good friend, art, or items I schlepped home from afar. Those things make me smile as I go through my home and Grandma’s earrings complete an outfit far better than store-bought baubles.

One item I recently welcomed into my home, embodies all of these qualities. It’s a trunk that belonged to my Grandmother and was brought to her from the Far East (family members feel free to comment on where) by my Great Uncle who served in the Merchant Marines. Family heirloom, hails from afar, and as you can see from this detail of the top, an absolute work of art. The trifecta!


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