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Makes You Smile :: Feb. Photo 22

23 Feb

Makes You Smile - February Photo A Day

Meeting up with a friend, and beer of course.

As I mentioned – I’m attempting a photo a day for February, following along with the prompts over on Fat Mum Slim. I’ll also be keeping them all nice and tidy in a Flickr set.

August Break :: 8.27.12

27 Aug


Logo, Design by Jen :: Bazi Bierbrasserie :: Portland, Oregon

It’s time for the August Break once again and I’ll be doing my best to follow along. Some of you may remember I participated last year, hopefully I’ve improved some since then. Please take a minute to check out all the amazing submissions over on Flickr.

Brewing Beer :: Round Two

9 Jul

You may remember back in January when a group of us spent a day at Portland U-Brew for a very special cause. Bazi Bierbrasserie tapped our very tasty Saison for a successful fundraising event a few weeks later. Time for a new batch! On June 2nd (yes, I’m a little behind on posting) I arrived a little late (yes, I’d just flown in from Morocco) and snapped a few pics. Not to worry, the ladies are pros at this now! Fun ensued, and the Wit will be ready for its debut July 29th. Check in with Bazi for the details. Hope to see you there!




Quick Poster Post

5 Jul

aaron gardner point blank concordia ale house poster design

What do you do with free reign, a short timeline and a lo-resolution image? Run with it – Old German Snuggie and all. Fun poster, great establishment, and an even better cause.

Weekend Wanderings

25 Apr


Cheers to Belgian Beers 2012







Sunday Sunlight, Sunday Streetlight

5 Mar



Weekend Wanderings: Brewing Beer

31 Jan


On Saturday I had the good fortune to tag along to Portland U-Brew with my friend and Bazi Bierbrasserie owner, Hilda Stevens. We were on a mission with some lovely ladies from Women for Girls to create a fundraising brew. My role? Document the day. And what a fun day it was.

above: Saison testing, offerings in the pub.


Once the recipe’s finalized, a few ingredients are weighed and run through Rex, the grinder.


Then it’s downstairs to learn the whole process (though I missed a lot with all the distractions – oooh, shiny!)


How could I not take a photo something so… brightly colored? And those ingredients? Starting to look a lot like beer!



After a few hours of mixing, stirring, watering, and boiling the brew goes into the Fermatarium for a couple of weeks where something called krauzen forms on top (I think that’s the only detail I retained from the day).


And finally, we’re triumphant in our accomplishment!

I’ll spill details on the fundraising event and link to the Women for Girls coverage from the day as soon as I can.

Randoms from the Week (or So)

25 Jan









Randoms from the Week (or So)

11 Jan

Director's Square, Portland

I know I’m in a bit of a rut here lately with just the photo posts. I have some design projects queued up and I’m also looking for some photo projects to join in the near future. But first, FIRST I’m redesigning this site and moving to self-hosted. So, please stay tuned and hold me accountable! In the meantime… I’ll snap photos.

Moon off Hawthorne Street

Bazi Bar in Action

Delerium Tremens Bazi

Backyard Tree


Welcoming 2012

5 Jan

Bazi Bierbrasserie Mussels Blonde

Bazi Bierbrasserie Jeanneke Cocktail

Bazi Bierbrasserie

Champagne Toast


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